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Married; Jessica & Stan

Jessica and Stan’s wedding was memorable for three reasons. Reason #1: They were in town for only two weeks since both of them live and work in Korea, which meant they had to plan and implement their wedding within this limited time frame. In hindsight, it’s a bit ironic considering Jessica was such a gracious […]

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Married; Natalie & Mazda

Natalie and Mazda were one of the first couples to commission me as I was getting my start in this industry. I was quite flattered and humbled that they chose me because they really could’ve gone with any photographer they wanted to since they spared no expense for their big day. From the lovely wedding […]

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Married; Christina & David

One thing I’ve always lacked (but have always wanted) in my young photography career is the guidance and accountability of a mentor. Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tiger Woods had his father, Ma$e had P-Diddy and…well, you get the idea right? As if photography on it’s own wasn’t complicated and intricate enough, there are so many […]

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Married; Jihae & Daniel

Michelle (aka Jihae) and Daniel’s wedding was such an elegant one that showed you can have both a cultural and yet contemporary feel to the event. So much detail, care and COLOR was put into their big day, that it really was a joy to shoot their evening reception.  

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