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My First Wedding of 2012

My first wedding of 2012 was actually a renewal of vows ceremony (after 25 years of marriage) and the happily married couple are actually the parents one of my brides who has commissioned me for her wedding later this year. This wedding was actually the dream wedding that the couple wanted to have when they first wed 25 years ago, but could not afford back then. It was really touching to hear how humble their first wedding was and then to see firsthand how lavish and elegant their renewal ceremony was. From then having to buy a cake at the local Dominion’s that was much too sweet and the groom having to run to the church wearing a tuxedo jacket that was missing the front buttonsĀ to now having the ceremony at a wonderful Catholic church and a reception complete with a live Mariachi band/DJ at an upscale country club, you could really get the impression that the couple had accomplished so much in their lives together. Yet the one thing that perhaps spoke louder than anything else was their strong love for one another as well as their children. I hope my wife and I look as good as this couple does 25 years from now!:)

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